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'He prescribed some foam spray, which is supposed to cling to the mouth and coat it like saliva, but said there was little he could do.'It's a frustrating but common problem.It's estimated that 13 per cent of the population suffers from the feeling of having a dry mouth, known as xerostomia.'I couldn't eat anything dry, such as chicken in breadcrumbs, because I'd struggle to swallow it.And I'd crave soft, cold foods - ice cream, melon, jelly and yogurts.'Until then my only real symptom was hot flushes.

In diesem Jahr schließt die UR zur Jahreswende zwischen Weihnachten und dem Neujahrstag.'I do a lot of public speaking, but was naturally slightly nervous at the prospect of lecturing to 70 people.Her eating habits changed to cope with the apparent lack of saliva.Die Studie ist kostenfrei abholbar im Vorzimmer des Kanzlers (Verwaltungsgebäude, Zi.2.19) oder im Referat II/2 - Kommunikation (Verwaltungsgebäude, Zi.

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